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Ven. Wonyoung’s Lecture for Dongdaebugo High School Students on Nov. 28

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Want Happiness?
Then, First Discard the Idea of “I should be Special or Superior.”

Ven. Wonyoung’s lecture for Dongdaebugo high school students on Nov. 28

As one of the Dharma propagation efforts by the Jogye Order’s headquarters, a lecture about Buddhism was held in the Buddha Hall of the high school affiliated with Dongguk University (called “Dongdae-bugo”) on November 28. Ven. Wonyoung was the lecturer and about 60 Dongdae-bugo high school students attended.

Ven. Wonyoung is a bikkhuni who specialized in counseling for the youth in particular. She has published 6 books so far and runs a radio program “Morning Scenary”in the Buddhist Radio, Korea. She is also the regular teacher for youth
renunciation school run by Mihwangsa Temple in South Joella Province every summer. She is getting popular and known as “our healing mentor” nationwide.

The students poured many questions like “What is hwadu?” “Why do monks shave their heads?” “Don’t you feel uncomfortable wearing such a robe in everyday life? “Why did you renounce the world?” etc. She responded sincerely but wittily with smile to most of their questions. She said, “The hwadu of the Chinese Seon master, Zhaozhou, was ‘Dogs do not have the Buddha nature.’ Buddha, however, said all sentient beings have the Buddha nature. Then, why did he say that? Hwadu is a kind of nonsensical question that cannot be solved by the intellect. It’s the mass of doubt that takes you to the path of enlightenment. In fact, master Zhaozhou said differently depending on circumstances. He sometimes said “Dogs have the Buddha nature.” Then why? Let’s say, you quarreled with your mom at home before going to school one morning. But then you met a friend of yours on the way to school. While having a chat with the friend, you no longer felt angry. You rather felt fun. Then, which one of the minds is your true one, the happy mind or angry mind?”

As the lecture went, the atmosphere became sincere. The students facing the university entrance exams brought up their personal questions like feeling frustrated and heavy due to losing their dreams for the sake of studying only for the university entrance exam. After responding to their life questions, Ven. Wonyoung ended her lecture after saying, “Life isn’t too special. Please do not attach to the idea of “I should be someone particular or special or superior. The obsession and attachment to the idea causes you trouble. Every one of you is precious as the way you are. And every one of you has your own strength and talents. Please do not compare or compete. Trust yourself and acknowledge yourself only. You then can be happy right away from here and now."

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