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[Paris] Voyage au Pays du Bouddhism Coreen (Visiting to Korean Gilsangsa Temple in France)

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[Paris] Voyage au Pays du Bouddhism Coreen
(The Jogye Order Delegates' Visiting to Korean Kilsangsa Temple in Torcy, France on Oct 29, 2016)


** Link to the Korean Video (1): http://www.btnnews.tv/news/articleView.html?idxno=39317
** Link to the Korean Video (2): http://news.bbsi.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=784291

Torcy where Kilsangsa Temple, the only Jogye Order’s temple in France, is located is 30 kilometers away from the central Paris. On 29
th Nov, the last day of the visit to France, the Jogye Order’s delegates headed by Ven. Jaseung, President, Ven. Jungmoon, Director of Social Affairs Department, and Ven. Seonghyo, Director of Cultural Corps of Korean Buddhism, paid a visit to Gilsangsa Temple to encourage the lay followers and to hold the Korean traditional event for the local people around.

Kilsangsa Temple was filled with delicious temple food prepared by the Temple Food Master Ven. Seonjae. There were about 20 different Korean foods to taste including rice wrapped by lotus leaf, japchae (stir-fried glass noodles with vegetables) and kimchi jjigae(stew). All the attendees – not only Korean Buddhists but also other French neighbors - were charmed by the simple, neat but deeply natural and healthy food. It seemed like the food consoled the Koreans’ nostalgia for the home country.

Ven. Jaseung encouraged the monastic of Kilsangsa Temple by giving donation with the prayer of continuing to spread the Buddha-Dharma to France and to serve as the place of wisdom and joy to the Korean lay Buddhists. He also promised Ven. Hyewon, the head monk of Gilsangsa, to strongly support the Temple’s Dharma propagation efforts in France. Ven. Hyewon has a plan to translate the book, “Korean Buddhism” into French and use them to disseminate Korean Buddhism in France.

Interview with participants

Jungmi Park / Lay Buddhist
I felt home here. This event made me feel the time in Korea. I felt home and consoling.

Sangmoo Lee / President of Korean French Association

I am very pleased to see this event as it is such a good opportunity to introduce the 1,700 year old Korean Buddhism to French people. Also, it would be a great memory for our children to meet the group of Korean monastic and to receive the memorable Korean Buddhist presents directly from them in this event.

Byeongjoo Jeong / President of Kilsangsa Lay Followers
It’s been already 23 years since Kilsangsa Temple was established in France and it was initially built with the vow of Ven. Beopjung, the renowned Seon Master in Korea who passed away in 2010, to offer a place of comfort to Korean students studying in Paris and to promote and disseminate Korean Buddhism and Buddhist culture to France.

** Article Reference: http://www.btnnews.tv/news/articleView.html?idxno=39301



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