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Announcement of the Statement on the Respect for Life

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Announcement of the Statement on the Respect for Life
by the Environment Committee of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism Statement

The Environment Committee of the Jogye Order (Chairman Ven. Suam) has announced the Official Statement on the Respect for Life to the public on May 25, 2016, in order to address the Oxy’s toxic disinfectants sold in South Korea. Its main message is to alert the current society being overflown with mammonism, resulting in the maximization of business’ profit-making at the expense of the lives of people and the living environment. Excessive emission of CO2 from the production factories and the humidifiers’ toxic disinfectants and sterilizers of Oxy have caused such a tremendous damage and unbearable scar to the Korean people.

In the statement, the committee prayed for the society being recovered from materialism, valuing the life, environment and nature above all things. It strongly demanded corporations to keep business ethics and corporate social responsibility as a member of society, and the government to modify or reorganize laws, policies and institutions so as to perfectly protect the safe and healthy lives of people against excessive profitmaking activities of companies.

The 3-year-old Committee has been working on various ecological preservation campaigns to stop building golf course in Mt. Gaya-san, to change the source of energies from nuclear power plant to sustainable energy source, to support the anti-transmission tower protest in Milyang, to list a few.






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