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DREAMINUS, Construction of a Library by Using Plastic Bottles in Tanzania

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Construction of a Library
by Using Plastic Bottles in Tanzania

Dreaminus (President Ven. Jaseung) is constructing a library in Tanzania by upcycling the waste such as plastic bottles, waste tire and building materials, etc. These materials, combined with soils, can become a good source for constructing the frameworks of buildings.   

Upcycling is a new trend today in Korea, which is similar to recycling but turning the waste into a completely new kind of product, different from the original one. It is one of the numerous efforts to protect the natural environment of the Earth by reducing the amount of waste and by giving the waste new lives. Along with these efforts, the Dreaminus decided to take part in the efforts of environment preservation by applying upcycling to the construction of a library in Tanzania.   

Many children and teenagers in Tanzania live in an environment lack of books and education facilities, which cause them difficult to dream big and have hopes for the future. Facing this reality, Dreaminus took on building a library where they can feel free to read books, learn and dream for the future by using the waste piled up high in many places in Tanzania. With the participation of local residents, this unique library is now being built.

Dreaminus awaits kind support and attention from the public for this new project of building a library based on plastic wastes, and hopes the library can be the seed of change for the children in Tanzania and children would have a better education opportunity in their ordinary lives through the project. Please contact Dreaminus at 82-2-737-9595 if you would like to give them supports.


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