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The Joy of Renunciation

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The Joy of Renunciation

The Path of Renunciation is for my Happiness and for the Peace of All Beings


On January 7, 2016, for the first time, the Bureau of Monastic Training (Ven. Hyuneung, Director) of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism introduced a poster series that promotes the monastic life of Buddhist practitioners to the public. This promotional campaign was created to address the steadily decreasing number of Buddhist monastics. At the present time, only about 200 practitioners are being ordained as Buddhist monks and nuns annually, while in the past the number was as many as 300 per year. As part of the effort to tackle this issue, the Jogye Order has produced this poster series to promote monasticism and encourage modern young people to follow the path of the Buddha.


The two shining Buddhist monks, Ven. Sejin and Ven. Udam, show us that the monastic life gives us happiness and freedom, allowing one to contribute to the peace of the world that we all belong to. There are six kinds of posters that have been created for both online and offline utilization. 

This first set of posters signifies that the monastic life is to take a joyful journey towards happiness and freedom.

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◈ The second set of posters signifies that the monastic life is to take the path of freedom, happiness and peace.

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The third set of posters signifies the reverent but happy life of Buddhist practitioners through the formal robes that they wear.

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The three sets of posters will be distributed across all temples and universities in Korea until the end of this year.


In addition to the poster production, the Bureau of Monastic Training will conduct many different activities such as active promotion through their website (monk.buddhism.or.kr). They will also engage in organizing concerts in universities, as well as lectures in middle and high schools funded by the Buddhist foundation. The hope is that the public can have better understanding of the meaning and ways of becoming a Buddhist monk or nun.


※ Inquiries: Mr. Sunho Yang, the Bureau of Monastic Training in the Jogye Order of Buddhism, at 82-2-2011-1801, yjh@buddhism.or.kr






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