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The New Year's Dharma Assembly by the Supreme Patriarch

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The New Year's Dharma Assembly
by the Supreme Patriarch in the Buddhist Era, 2560



The New Year's Dharma Assembly by the Supreme Patriarch was held in Donghwasa Temple at 10:00am on Tuesday, 5th January 2016.



The Dharma Assembly was conducted in the orders of the Supreme Patriarch's incense offering, the President's tea offering, the recitation of the Three Refuge and the Heart Sutra, the offering of the three bows to the Three Jewels. The Supreme Patriarch's Dharma talk was followed by the meditation and the President's greeting message, the assembly's three bows. It ended with the commemorative photographing of the entire group.




Ven. Jinje, the Supreme Patriarch, spoke, "If not reaching to the stage of 'seeing into self-nature' in this life, when could we ever encounter this noble law of 'seeing into self-nature and attaining the Buddhahood'? There's no use regretting once you face death. You must remember that the arrow can never turn back once it leaves the bow."




Ven. Jaseung, the President, said, "I will lead the Jogye Order under the pure and undefiled spirit of practice and the compassionate way of action this year. I will do my best to take care of the elder Buddhist monks and support the head monks across the country who strive hard on the spot, and lead all staff working in the headquarters to do their utmost."  


At the Dharma Assembly, more than 300 Buddhist monks and lay leaders who include the Supreme Patriarch, Chairman of the Elder Council, President, Representatives of several lay Buddhists' Dharma Propagation organizations, to list a few.





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