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Donation of Buddhist Cultural Assets to Central Buddhist Museum

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The Central Buddhist Museum

The Jogye Order's Centeral Buddhist Museum awaits your donation of Buddhist cultural assets.
It is our imperative to preserve any Buddhist cultural assets donated by citizens to our best ability so that
all the rare and invaluable items from the history can be widely appreciated by the public and safely delivered to our future generation. By conducting in-depth research and operating theme-based exhibition regularly with those items, we would like to highlight and promote the Buddhist spirit, culture, history and beauty of assets to the wide public. We are always open to your donation and support. Thank you.

Contact for Inquiry:
(tel) 82-2-2011-1965
(fax) 82-2-732-4474 (F
(email) mhkim@buddhism.or.kr
(Korean website) http://museum.buddhism.or.kr/


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