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Collaborative Education Agreement between the Jogye Order and Dongguk University

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Collaborative Education Agreement between the Jogye Order Bureau of Monastic Training and Dongguk University
Bhikkhunis in the International School of Buddhist Studies appointed as advisory committee members
(Photo) From the left, Mr. Kyoungtae Hwang, the Dean of the Institute of International Languages, Venerable Jeongdo, the Deputy Director of Bureau of Monastic Training, Mr. Sangshin Park, the Dean of Paramita College
The Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism and Dongguk Buddhist University will collaborate to make foreign language education programs available to Buddhist monks, administrative staff and lay Buddhists. The agreement was signed on July 3, 2014 between the Bureau of Monastic Training (Venerable Hyuneung, Director of the Bureau), the Institute of International Language of Dongguk University Seoul Campus, and Paramita College from Dongguk University Gyeongju Campus.
Venerable Jungdo, the Deputy Director of the Bureau of Monastic Training stated, "I am glad that we finally obtained results from working with Dongguk University on this program after a long preparation period. I hope that this shall provide the members of the Sangha with a better environment in which to study foreign languages in a more systematic and effective way."
Through this collaboration, the three parties will continuously discuss ways to lower the costs of foreign language classes for monks and lay people.
At the agreement ceremony, Bhikkhunis from the International School of Buddhist Studies, the specialized English education school for Buddhist monks, were appointed as advisory committee members. Their role is to provide advice on the management of educational content and the planning of curriculums, programs, and much more.

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