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Friends on the Path Launches the‘Fostering of Talented African Women Project’

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Friends on the Path – A Foundation for Public Interest –
Launches the‘Fostering of Talented African Women Project’
Friends on the Path signs a collaborative agreement with Duksung Women’s University
(Photo) Venerable Jaseung, the President of Jogye Order and Mr. Seungyong Hong, the President of Duksung Women’s University at the Project Agreement Ceremony
The Friends on the Path foundation (Venerable Jaseung, chairman of the foundation and the president of Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism) is collaborating with Duksung Women’s University to launch a new project, “Fostering Talented African Women” in Africa.
Currently, Friends on the Path is building an agricultural high school in Tanzania. Duksung Women’s University previously hosted the 2nd UNWP (UN Women and Duksung Global Partnership Program for Young Women) from August 4-15, 2012 after signing a collaborative agreement with UN Women in 2011.
Venerable Jaseung, the chairman of the foundation, entered into a collaborative agreement with Duksung University at the Korean Buddhism History and Culture Memorial Hall at 4:00 pm on July 7, 2014. This was to establish a basis for cooperation between these two organizations before the project begins. Through the agreement, the Friends on the Path Foundation and Duksung Women’s University will undertake planning of different activities such as training programs specific to the African women and women exchange programs designed by UN Women.

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