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100 Years of Buddhist History in Naju National Museum

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100 Years of Buddhist History in Naju National Museum

<Ssangbongsa Temple>
Historical photographs of Buddhist temples and cultural heritages of Jeollanamdo Province from more 100 years back had been meticulously recorded and plated in glass frames. A special exhibition of these photographs will be held in Naju National Museum until August 17, 2014. Out of more than 200 photographs taken during the cultural research of temples and Korean Buddhist cultural heritages of Jeollanamdo province (most are dating back from 1910~1936), approximately 40 pieces will be revealed to the general public. The exhibition includes architectural photos from Songkwangsa, Hwaeonsa, Seonamsa, Baekyangsa, Daeheungsa, and many others. Some cultural heritage photos from Dogapsa, Bulgapsa, Ssangbongsa, Borimsa, Unjusa have also been included in the record.

<Hwaeumsa Temple>

< Songgwangsa Temple>

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