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Breaking the Silence between the North and South Korea

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Breaking the Silence between the North and South Korea
The Memorial Service for Master Manhae Held
 at Singyesa Temple for the First Time in History

The North and South Korean Buddhists aspiring for the peace and unity of the nation gathered in Singyesa temple in remembering Master Manhae and praying for the peaceful reunification of Korea.
On Jun 29, 2014, South Korean representatives from Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism and representatives of North Korean Buddhist Federation, along with 30 South and 20 North Korean Buddhists gathered to collectively commemorate the 70th anniversary of Mater Mahae’s passing.
Ven. Jinhong from the Jogye Order stated during the ceremony, “we pray that the path connecting North and South Korea the master had walked to be restored to its original state.” And added, “Let there be opportunities to highlight the spirit and teachings of Master Manhae continuously.”
The delegates confirmed through the aspiration prayers, “We will not succumb to the pressure from Japan which threatens the peace in Korea.” and “We will reflect on Master Manhae’s profound teachings and spirit and work to overcome obstacles to bring peace in Korea.”    

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