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Changes to 2014 Lotus Lantern Festival

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Changes to 2014 Lotus Lantern Festival

This year’s Lotus Lantern Festival will take more calm and solemn appearance as the entire nation mourns for the capsized ferry carrying mostly teenage schoolchildren near Jindo county.
On April 18, Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism HQ made a following briefing
“The whole nation is praying for a safe rebirth of the deceased in the Pure Land and hope for the safe return of the survivors” and added “Therefore it is appropriate to make changes to the intangible Cultural heritage No. 122, Yeon Deung Hoe (Lotus Lantern Festival) accordingly."
During the official meetings held between 17~18 April, the Lotus Lantern officials have decided that all colorful and bright music, dance, and lanterns will be somewhat subdued and held under control and this year’s festival will take on the mourning theme for the victims.
Moreover, other celebrative festivals and cultural events which had been planned in Seoul for the end of April had all been canceled indefinitely. The Vesak Buddha’s Birthday celebration around the nation had been given direction to tone down the celebrative mode and rather take on the solemn atmosphere for the victims and their families.
The Lotus Lantern Festival administrative is currently making adjustments to the schedule and all changes will be announced as soon as they are confirmed.     

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