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Compassionate Walk for the Children of North Korea

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Compassionate Sharing:
Fundraising Walk for North Korean Children
March 29 at 11 am
 Imjingak River, Paju City

A fundraising walk to support North Korean children was successfully concluded in Paju city, in close vicinity of Imjingak river. This fundraising event was organized for the purpose of providing nutritional and medicinal supplies to malnourished or ailing children in North Korea.
Over a thousand people participated in the event, organized by the two Jogye Order affiliated organizations of ‘Friends on the Path’ and the ‘Office of Promotion of National Unification Organization.’ Among those in attendance was the President of the Jogye Order, the Most Venerable Jaseung, Chancellor of Jung-Ang Sangha University Ven. Wonhaeng, the mayor of Paju city In Je Lee, and the chairman of Childrens’ Foundation Je Hun Lee.

The event, organized in conjunction with child nutrition support campaign, declared commencement of the event with ringing of Imjingak peace bell at 11 a.m. The event included performance by the children’s choir, commemorative speeches, followed by performance of Bugwang-sa temple Choir.

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