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Phenomenal Response toTraditional Korean Temple Designs

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Phenomenal Response toTraditional Korean Temple Designs

Pic1: Picture of designs at the 2014 Buddhism Expo
The Mind Design Enterprise (President Minji Kim) introduced a new traditional cultural content at the 2014 Buddhism Expo. This year, original traditional temple patterns (Dancheong: multi-colored designs painted on Korean temple eaves and walls) were printed on bags, scarves, wallets, pouches, among other convenient items. Targeting women in their 40s ~ 50s, these products received a phenomenal response from the general public, not only because they informed outstanding qualities of Korean traditional culture, but because of their originality in designs that fit the trends of today’s world. Spending over one year in product development, the Mind Design Enterprise began their new project in hopes of bringing an up rise of Korean traditional designs. To reflect the project objectives, only a few designs introduced by the ‘Rising Korean Designers’ were carefully selected and supported.

Pic2: Designer Ms. Kang Su Gyeong
The first designer to take the spotlight was Ms. Kang Su Gyeong. A 34 years old Korean textile designer, who stated in the interview, “It was important to understand the traditional patterns used in Dancheong and work on its reinterpretation. Utilizing traditional designs such as the lotus patterns, bronze ware patterns among others, reflects the modernized application of traditional designs, an important element of the project. Therefore, we brought changes to the color while retaining the traditional patterns. For example, we used green instead of black, and made attempts to made applications to the existing drawings and designs. We received a great response from the customers and some people mentioned it was very refreshing designs. All the products we had prepared for the Buddhism Expo were sold out and we even received additional orders. I am happy to know that our products are accepted by the customers.
The Mind Designs Enterprise will continue to work in introducing products with traditional designs, befitting to the trends of today.

pic3: lotus flower traditional design on a scarf
The original file and pictures can be found in http://www.hyunbulnews.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=278897

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