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Philanthropic Work: Making Korean Dumplings for Our Neighbors

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Philanthropic Work: Making Korean Dumplings for Our Neighbors

Even better, a Korean Cultural Experience!


Foreign Brides Take Part in a Daily Templestay program

at the International Seon Center, Yangchun-gu Seoul


On January 21st, a week before the 2014 Lunar New Year’s Day, the International Seon Center (Abbot, Ven. Tanwoong) was filled with foreign brides from various countries. The women had gathered to participate in a Daily Templestay event organized by the Social Welfare Foundation of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism (Representative Ven. Jaseung, president of the Jogye Order). The event was aimed at providing foreign brides with an opportunity to experience Korean cultural traditions as well as Buddhist culture in an enjoyable way before the Lunar New Year’s Day. While the event was originally begun in 2013, this year the organizers invited about 150 women, all of whom experienced the joy of making Korean dumplings and sharing them with their neighbors. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves at the event while interacting with one another.

About 100 women were invited through the help of the Social Welfare Foundation-affiliated multicultural support Centers located in Jongro, Jongrang-gu, Kimpo and Yongdeungpo in Seoul. The other 50 women, Yangchun-gu residents, were invited to attend thanks to Yangchun Police Station and Immigration Office in Southern Seoul.


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