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The Timeless Wisdom of Korean Seon Masters

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<The Timeless Wisdom of Korean Seon Masters>
The Association of Korean Buddhist Orders published a new English book <The Timeless Wisdom of Korean Seon Masters (See picture)> on January 2014.
The Timeless Wisdom of Korean Seon Masters was excerpts from the original Korean book Great Masters, Great Teachings, published in 2006 by the author Chungkwang Yoon. The book contains the collected legends of great Korean Seon Masters and conveys the teachings in the form of everyday dialogues, making it easy for the readers to comprehend and be inspired by the sincere teachings of renowned Seon masters.
The book includes stories of the following Seon Master: Master Wonhyo, Muhak, Samyeong, Gyeongheo, Hanam, Mangong, Hyewol, Hanyoung, Hyobong, and Goam.
The book will be made available to foreign members of the Sangha, selected Templestay programs designed for foreigners, various central libraries throughout Korea, and Korean cultural centers, etc to promote Korean Buddhism. It is also available to the general public in selected book stores.

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