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Jogye Order Holds a New Year’s Press Conference

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Jogye Order President Ven. Jaseung Holds 2014 New Year’s Press Conference
“A Vow to Remain with the People through Compassion and Harmonious Reconciliation”
Photo: The Most Venerable Jaseung confers New Year’s press conference on January 14th at the Center for Korean Buddhist History and Culture
The president of the Jogye Order, Most Venerable Jaseung, vowed to remain with the people through compassion and harmonious reconciliation during the New Year’s conference held since his inauguration as the 34th President of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism.   
The New Year’s press conference was held at the International Conference Room in the Center for Korean Buddhist History and Culture on January 14th.  Ven. Jaseung outlined the following three keynotes address at the conference:
1.   Buddhism of sharing and service for the society and our neighbors
2.   Community of four-fold assembly implementing wisdom and compassion
3.   Revival of Buddhism through continuous innovation and reform of the Jogye Order
These three areas will assist Jogye Order to aspire as “Compassionate Jogye Order”, “Jogye Order in Reform” and “Jogye Order close to hearts of people.” Moreover, Ven. Jaseung also added the Jogye Order will open up a new era of truth and reconciliation with the citizens of Korea and the four-fold assembly of Korean Buddhism.


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