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Let the Clear Water Flow in Naeseongcheon Creek

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Let the Clear Water Flow in Naeseongcheon Creek

Most Venerable Jaseung, the president of the Jogye Order, made a visit to Naeseongcheon creek as his first compassionate activity of the year. This visit was designed to encourage Ven. Jiyeul, an environmental activist working to protect Naeseongcheon creek from further deterioration, and to gain opportunities to expand and develop environmental protection activities in Korea.

Ven. Jiyuel had been living in a small tent on a river bank since July, 2012. Her main objective is to record the devastating changes occurring in Naeseungcheon creek since the establishment of a dam up stream. Since the construction of the dam, Naeseongcheon, one of the very rare sand bank creeks in the world, have been losing its beauty. In particular, the sand bank have now turned into a gravel field and it is approximated that by the second half of this year approximately 19 km section of the creek and 10.4 ㎢ area of the river valley will disappear under water.

On Janury 23rd, Ven. Jaseung began the program by personally pouring the tea for Ven. Jiyuel in the tent where she currently resides, while discussing changes occurring to Naeseongcheon creek.

Ven. Jaseung also encouraged Ven. Jiyeul with support funds. Ven. Jiyeul stated during the meeting, “There are irreversible changes occurring here. What I am doing is not a war against building of dams but to record the changes occurring to Naeseongcheon.” Ven. Jiyeul added, “It would be incredibly helpful if venerables begin a program of purchasing land surrounding Naeseongcheon.” The president of the Jogye Order responded, “We will discuss with the district temple abbots in order to purchase the land as you requested.”

There were other opportunities to visit nearby villages and river banks and approximately $10,000 US was offered to Ven. Jiyeul as a support fund.  
The original article and pictures excerpted from http://www.ibulgyo.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=131335

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