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The Jogye Order Offers Coal Brisquettes to the Impoverished

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 Day one of Most Ven. Jaseung’s term in Office:
Jogye Order Offers Coal Brisquettes to the Impoverished
Most Ven. Jaseung, the 34rd president of the Jogye Order and over 200 Jogye Order headquarters employees and other affiliated organizations and agencies delivered coal briquettes and rice to the impoverished villagers in Gaemi Maeul (Aunt Village), one of the poorest areas of Seoul.
Ven. Jaseung made sincere plea prior to work began, “We held this sharing of coal briquettes in Korea two years back. Although it is difficult and demanding I sincerely request for you to put your best foot forward in this volunteer work. Maintain appropriate amounts of tension and care for your body to prevent any unforeseen injuries or accidents. The other members of Sangha joined in to personally carried briquettes and rice were Ven. Jiwon, the president from the Bureu of Dharma propagation; Ven. Jonghun, Director from the Department of General Affairs; Ven. Bohwa, Director from the Department of Social Affairs among many others.
Total of 24,000 briquettes and 6,000 kg of rice was distributed to 80 near poverty groups and impoverished elders living alone, along with 290 low-income families and at senior centers.
“I am very grateful that the monastics took their time out of their busy schedule to come to our neighborhood once again. In fact, a great amount of interest and effort is also being shown from Okcheon-am hermitage. I have been taking eye supplements I recently received. I don’t know how I could ever thank you enough!”
“The Aunt Village is one of the last of low income villages in Seoul, often referred to many Koreans as ‘Moon Village.” After the Korean war, people who lost their homes gathered and pitched up tents where the aunt village currently stands. The name ‘aunt village’ was given due to relentless effort of the residents who begin their work before dawn well past the time of sunset, resembling the likeness of an aunts colony.
The president Ven. Jaseung has instigated volunteer programs in 2010 and 2011 in Baeksa village in Nowon district and Gaemi village in Hongjae district. Moreover, the president has been taking part in compassionate visitation and sharing events each month in various social support facilities.
This special compassionate sharing program was initiated with the aim to share with underprivileged and marginalized community in needs, in participation by various officials including the Head Seodaemungu
Ven. Jaseung stated, “Although there were obstacles and difficulties during the time of my service as the 33rd president, thanks to the support I received including from the president from the Bureau of Education, President of Dharma Propagation, members of the Sangha and the Jogye Order employees we were able to resolve issued successfully. I am sure the at the term I serve as the 34th president of the Jogye Order hold more important responsibilities and missions. Let us come together and support and encourage one another to make it successful!” 
Ven. Jaseung also added, “the employees from the Headquarters of the Jogye order must work hard to support the need of district temples. Moreover, help to ensure the elderly Sangha members do not have to worry over retirement.” Moreover, with happy heart I will do my utmost best to make the 34th presidency the best support term ever.”

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