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The MCSM Convention for Nondiscrimination with Emigrant Buddhists

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The MCSM Convention for Nondiscrimination with Emigrant Buddhists
The Convention for Nondiscrimination was held with the participation of emigrant Buddhists in Korea on June 30, 2013. It was jointly held by the Jogye Order’s Introspective Renewal Society and MCSM (Maha Council for Supporting Migrants) Korea. Three hundred and fifty participants of the emigrant communities from eight countries, including those from Thailand, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Mongolia, were in attendance.
Held as a celebratory Dharma meeting, the assembly emphasized the sharing and communication of virtues,regardless of age, sex and societal standing. The participants conversed on emigrant life, issues of emigrant human rights and other personal aspects such as marriage. They also remarked on their hopes for the continued interest and support from the Korean Buddhist community.
At the Veneration Pujana, monks of the Central Directorate of Religious Affairs shared in the dinner services for a cordial and delightful evening.

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