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Most Venerable Jaseung Reappointed

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The Most Venerable Jaseung Reappointed
as the 34th President of the Jogye Order

Venerable Jaseung will serve consecutive terms as the next president of the Jogye Order.
Most Ven. Jaseung  was elected as the 34th president of the Jogye Order on October 10th at the Center for Korean Buddhist History and Culture (the Jogye Order Headquarters Administrative Building). 
Ven. Beomyeo, the Chairman of Central Election Committee, upon completing the count of ballots, held a meeting to finalize the voting decisions, honoring Ven. Jaseung for being elected.
Ven. Jaseung, after receiving the certification of 34th presidency stopped at the Main Dharma Hall of the Jogye-sa Temple and paid respect to the Buddha with three prostrations. He then transferred to new location at the International Conference Center to say a few words
On the other hand, the 43rd assembly for the Council of Elders was held October 11 at 2 p.m. at the Center of Korean Buddhist History and Culture for approving the decisions to reappoint the Most Ven. Jaseung as the Jogye Order president.
The Most Ven. Jaseung, took ordination with Ven. Jeongdae, the 30th President of the Jogye Order, as his vocational master (Eunsa). He entered the Jogye Order Administration in 1986 as the Vice-Director of the Department of Education. He also served on the 10th, 12th, 13th, and 14th Central Councils (Jogye Order legislative council) to work to inspire Buddhist community. He represents the Jogye Order and oversees the entire administrative processes of the order.
Word of Appreciation on being Elected as
the President of the Jogye Order
With utmost respect, I bow down to the Three Jewels.
I would first like to impart my appreciation and respect to the Patriarch of the Jogye Order, the Elder Master Daeduk, and to the fourfold assembly for their enormous support to successfully complete the presidential election for the 34th Presidency of the Jogye Order.
Dear esteemed fourfold assembly and citizens of Korea!
Through this election, which will play a crucial role in influencing long range plans and to set the cornerstone for the future of Korean Buddhism, I am once again privileged with this treasured responsibility in serving the role of the president of the Jogye Order.

The outcome of the election is in result of collective aspiration to establish pure spiritual environment for practice, sustainable growth in our Buddhist order, and for the harmonious development amongst all district temples.  
Tojeok Seongsan (), a famous aphorism in Korea describes how a handful of earth when accumulated can form a great mountain. Thus, all the precious insights and opinions I have drawn together for the duration of this election will be treasured in the depth of my heart. Moreover, I will continue to retain my initial aspiration for enlightenment and cultivate my practice to ‘open a new world in the history of Korean Buddhism.’ As a leader with grave responsibilities, I will strive for advancements in earnest devotion and dedication.
However, I cannot walk the path alone. As described by the proverb of Gojangnanmyeong (孤掌难鸣), there is nothing one can accomplish alone and your support and participation is essential and very much needed. We are friends in the Dharma, and we can plow through the difficult path ahead. With deepest sincerity, I request everyone to put their hearts and minds together to enhance the practice lineage of Korean Buddhism and advancement of the Jogye Order.

Fellow citizens!
Although Korean Buddhism proudly maintains over 1700 years ancient tradition and history, it is perhaps time to cast off some of its old customs and take a step closer to be with the modern people of Korea and the rest of the society. With the teachings of dependent origination and the Middle Path as its very foundation, the Jogye Order will provide guidance for the advanced spiritual culture of Korea, while assisting the underprivileged in distress, and emphasizing observance of compassion in action.
If the past four years have been spent in identifying the world of new possibilities, the next four years shall be spent in action with the people and the rest of Korean society; to leap forward in propagating Korean Buddhism and stabilizing its status in the world.
Now, as I humbly serve the Jogye Order and take on its administrative duties, I will work to build more stable community of Sangha. Moreover, I will provide support in opening a new era and substantiate how the four fold assembly is the true owner of this religious order.  
Once again, I would like to pay my respect and gratitude to Ven. Gomun, who had gone through this difficult process together with me, and the chairman of the election committee, as well as all the participating members of the Sangha for their support. In addition, I would like to pay my respect to all other candidates, including Ven. Boseon from the depth of my heart.
Let us all come together in harmony, like water flowing together to form a grand river, to create a brand new world in Korean Buddhism.
Thank you.
Most Ven. Jaseung
President of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism


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