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“The Sand which Flows with River” Film Preview

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"Sand that Flows with River” Film Preview

On March 14, 2013 (2557 BE) at 3 PM, a Buddhist documentary “The Sand which Flows with River” opening previewed was held at the Jogye Order Administration Building.
Ven. Jiyul, the infamous Buddhist nun who filmed the documentary for four years since 2008 commented, “I did not know anything about creating a film when I began. But, all I could think about was that there was not much time left before irreversible damage was done. So, I stayed up day and night to create this film. I appreciate any words of encouragement or advice as I know the film has many deficiencies,” and added “The film itself is not important. What is really important is that people change their perspective on how they view the environment.”

Ven. Jiyul

Ven. Jaseung (President of Jogye Order), Ven. Hyeneung (Executive Director of Department of Education), Ven. Jiwon (Executive Director of Department of Propagation), and many other religious leaders and Buddhists attended the documentary preview.

 Ven. Jiyul informs some of the most important environmental issues to Ven. Jaseung



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