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The Day of Dedication for Renunciation and Paranirvana

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A Promise of Devoted Practice on the Day of Dedication in Renunciation and Paranirvana
A National Campaign to Support the Korean Monastics

A dedication ceremony for the day of renunciation and paranirvana was held on March 25, 2013. This year’s annual event was particularly special as the Jogye Order proposed a new movement to raise funds for the monastics. The movement was designed to improve the understanding of monastic welfare system and promote alms offering to raise funds for the Buddhist monks and nuns. Ven Jihyeon (President of Seon Monks Association and the Director of Jogye Order Department of General Affairs) also offered various documents and DVDs to promote understanding of renunciation and paranirvana celebration and deepen the meaning of alms offering. Venerable also provided information on how to participate in the campaign, and officially began the campaign, co-sponsored by Buddhist TV.


The President of Lay Buddhist Association established an Executive Committee for the nation- wide monastic alms campaign. Furthermore, approximately 120 monastic sponsorship applications were offered on this day to Ven. Jihyeon by the Association of Central Administration.
The Abbot of Jogye-sa Temple, Ven. Domun, also offered a Dharma talk during the day of renunciation ceremony, followed by the ceremony for the day of paranirvana. Ven. Domun used his hand-phone to personally participate in ARS campaign along with the rest of lay Buddhists. Also, advertisement booths were established to promote improved participation and answer questions.

The movement to improve monastic welfare system began to help the practicing Sangha (one of the Three Jewels Buddhist take refuge in). Since last year, this fund is being utilized for hospital treatments and other medical care expenses for the Buddhist monks and nuns, especially the elder monks over 65 years old. It is expected that the movement will strengthen the Sagha community, which is the central to Korean Buddhist Community. Thus the tradition of Seon practice will improve with the guarantee of appropriate practice conditions for the renunciates.
How to make the Sangha Alms Offering
Official Website: www.buddhism.or.kr
ARS Sponsorship (phone # 060-700-1077,  once/day 3,000 KRW)
Application Form - Phone 02-2011-1726, 1727 - Fax :02-720-3302
Account Info: Nonghyop Bank 301-0080-9225-91
              National Bank  023501-04-176129
Enquiry  02-2011-1726     Deputy Director 02-2011-1727

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