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The Labor Committee of Jogye Order Holds Dongsaseop Ceremony

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Feeling the Pain of the Laborer

The Labor Committee of Jogye Order Holds Dongsaseop Ceremony


Dongsaseop (sharing of joy and sorrow with other beings) Ceremony for Laborers, offered last February 7, 2013 (B.E. 2557) in front of the Daehanmun Gate in Seoul, demonstrated a more peaceful resolution towards labor issues through a Buddhist perspective.


Despite the bitter cold weather of below 17 degrees, over 20 people came to support the cause, including the Ven. Jongho (Chairman of the Jogye Order Labor Committee), the Executive Board Member of the Labor Committee, members of the Buddhist Civil Society Organization, and the Task Force for the Victims of Ssangyong Motors, etc.


The opening ceremony began with a speech and Dharma talk by Ven. Jongho, along with a message from Mr. Kim Jeongwu (Branch Manager of Ssangyong Motors), followed by a recitation of the Korean Heart Sutra, then an aspiration prayer by the Executive Board of the Labor Committee, and finally closing off with chanting the name of Sakyamuni Buddha.


Various Dongsaseop Ceremonies will be held to support laborers. Workers are invited to the Dharma services during Vesak (Buddhas Birthday Ceremony) in May. Then in September, consolation service is offered for the deceased, including those who committed suicide, workers killed in action, and others killed during work. Furthermore, a Templestay will be offered quarterly for the laborers with unlawful dismissal, workers on strike, among many others.

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