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Survey Status of Bulbokjang: Storing of Special Buddhist Articles

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The Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism Publishes
the Survey Results of Bulbokjang
(Storing of Special Buddhist Articles)

For the first time in history, the Jogye Order published a special survey results of Bulbokjang, storing of special Buddhist articles in the abdomen of Buddhist statues, such as sariras (sacred relics), sutras, or Buddhist writings.  

As part of the Buddhist Intangible Cultural Heritage Survey and Research, the Ministry of Culture from the Jogye Order and the Research Institute of Buddhist Cultural Heritage collected some essential records associated with Bulbokjang to publish < The Reports of Bulbokjang Ceremony>.
The report consists of an entire record of Bulbokjang ceremony conducted in Cheongryang-sa Temple, Seoul  in 2012, along with the interviews of five Bulbokjang Ceremony Masters, including the Ven. Doseong.

The Ministry of Culture from Jogye Order stated, “Bulbokjang is a traditional Buddhist ceremony which transforms a simple statue into a precious Buddhist jewel, which is an object of veneration and worship. The Ministry also added, “This will be a great base for Buddhist academic research in the near future.”  
Unfortunately, this report has not been translated into English.

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