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New Year’s Dharma Ceremony with the Korean Buddhist Leaders

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“The Path of Freedom Will Open When You Search in Your Mind”
The New Year’s Dharma Ceremony with the Korean Buddhist Leaders: Aspiration for “Better Understanding and Unity”
<Pic. The New Year’s Dharma Ceremony in Jogye-sa Temple, Seoul on January 15th, 2013. The four–fold Dharma Assembly first offered three prostrations to the Buddha, then paid respect to each other in a half vow. The assembly then respectfully offered prayers for better communication, understanding and unity>
“We must look back on what was most precious to us and set new values and priorities. The Path of Freedom will be found when we look into our minds.”
The Year of Serpent, New Year’s Buddhist Ceremony and Dharma Meeting took place in the Main Buddha Hall of the Jogye-sa Temple on January 15th, attended by the leaders from various Buddhist Orders of Korea.  
The ceremony organized by the Korea Buddhist Order Association began with the New Year’s Dharma Talk by the Most Ven. Jaseung (President, Jogye Order), who is also the Chairman of the Association. It was followed by a congratulatory speech from the President of Taego Order, Ven. Ingong. Furthermore, Ven. Dojeong (Cheontae Order), Ven. Hyejeong (Jingak Order), and Mr. Choe Kwang Sik (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) also provided invaluable speech to the four-fold assembly.   
The Most Ven. Jaseung stated in his Dharma Talk, “Various leaders from the society communicated with the public in the past year for healing to take place. The development and prosperity can be assured when the nation is united and the society develops respect for their leaders. Let’s have a year of retrospect and set new value on what is truly precious and important. Ven. Dojeong and Hyejeong also stated, “Let’s not lose faith and we must put our strength together to become the lamp of the world; to lead all sentient beings to enlightenment.”
The ceremony was attended by Mr. Lee Giheong (President, Lay Buddhist Association of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism), Mr. Choe Kwang Sik (Minister, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism), among 200 others.

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