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“Do Run Do Learn” Concert for Buddhist Youths

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“Do Run Do Learn” Concert for Buddhist Youths
Ven. Hyemin, Ven. Jeongmok and Ven. Beopryun

< Pic. from the left- Ven. Haemin, Ven. Jeongmok, and Ven. Beopryun>
Venerable Haemin (Professor of Hampshire College, USA), Ven. Jeongmok (Buddhist Radio MC), and Ven. Beopryun (Dharma Instructor of JungTo Society) have many things in common.
These three people are the best-selling authors and the most influential Buddhist monks and nun leading the culture of healing, a current Hwadu (contemplation and meditation) in our modern society. Venerable Haemin is the author of the book <Heart to Heart: Things we begin to see when we standstill>, while Ven. Jeongmok published <Not too late even at the pace of a snail>, and Ven. Beopryun is famous for his books <Message from the Sunim>, < Lessons for the Moms>. They also bring hopes and healing to modern people by providing various lectures, broadcasts, SNS, etc.    
A series of Talks and Concerts have been planned to provide hopes and encouragements to today’s Buddhist youths, who suffer from economic hardship and employment dilemmas.
Three different sessions of “Do Run Do Learn” Talks and Concerts have been planned by Buddhist Youth Group of Seoul Gyeonggi region, beginning on January 12, 2013.
The first concert was offered on January 12th, featuring Ven. Haemin on “Serious Discussion on the Reality and Future of Today’s Buddhist Youths- Let’s Go Youths!”  

Ven. Jeongmok will lead the second session of Talks and Concerts on February 23rd 5 P.M. at the Main Auditorium of Dongguk University. The topic will be “You, with the Ability of Great Discernment. This Special Dharma Concert is Designed Just for You!”
On March 23rd at 5P.M., Ven. Beopryun will speak at Dongguk University Main Auditorium under the theme, “Straight Talk- Q& A for Buddhist Youth- It is Our Turn Now!”

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