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Temple Bell Chime Part I

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Gentle Person

Student asked the teacher,

Who is a Buddha?

The teacher answered,

A gentle person is a Buddha.

The student asked again,

What is being gentle?

The teacher answered,

Being relaxed and broadminded

While also subtle and tranquil,

Being without coarseness and being naturalness itself.

Being complete and whole.

That is being gentle.

Your soft words

Your easy gait

Your tranquil mind and warm smile

Make you a Buddha.

  - Oh Se-gyeong 
    Broadcast Writer

Go and Path Will Be Opened
Among the Buddha’s disciples was a monk with very passive attitude towards

all things.

The Buddha knew this well and soon called him up for an important task.
“Go to the city and teach the Dharma to every person that you meet.”

The disciple blushed with embarrassment and hesitated, not knowing what to do.

“You will discover for certain that you also possess the ability to lead.

Go. Have faith and stride forward with courage. Go and the path will be

-       Kim Won Gak/ Poet


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