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The Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism 50th Anniversary

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The Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism 50th Anniversary

The Jogye Order is celebrating its 50th anniversary on April 11. In ending the Japanese Buddhist tradition of the marriage in monks, the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism began in its purification of the Buddhist temples. The instatement of the Supreme Patriarch and the Administration took place during the Order of Assembly at the Main Buddha Hall of the Jorge Order on April 11, 1962. The Jogye Order carries the responsibility of continuing the Korean Buddhist tradition in its 50 year history representing the 1,700 year lineage of Buddhism in Korea.
The Jogye Order is holding various events in its 50th anniversary for the establishment of the firm foundation and the future of Korean Buddhism. The Museum of Korean Buddhist History and Culture has held the exhibition ‘Conversing with the 50 years of the Jogye Order’ between April 4-10. For the exhibit, the Central Archives of the Jogye Order has collected various Buddhist historical records of handwritten correspondences, diaries, records of ascetic practices, awards, photography, and recorded tapes.
On April 25th at 2 p.m., the commenorative seminar of ‘Reflections and Contemporary Tasks in the 50 years of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism’ was held at the Museum of Korean Buddhist History and Culture. The Jonghak Research Centre of the Dongguk University has held the seminar on ‘Korean Buddhism and the Jogye Order’ in the Dahyanggwan Hall on April 28th at 1 p.m.
The Buddhist Council Conference to be held in October is to be a meeting of reconfirming the collective and collaborative efforts in working towards the future. In October to November, the installation of the Bodhisattava statue of the Sixth Patriarch of the Chinese Ch’an Buddhism, Most Ven. Huineng, has been planned. The statue is to be presented by the Guangxizosi Temple of China, the Tonsure Temple of Most Ven. Huineng, in its collaborative work for the Korean and Chinese Buddhist Relations with the agreement of the Jogye Order.
The Jogye Order has maintained its traditon throughout the conflicts of the transformative purification period. The Korean Buddhist community, inclusive of all sects, prepares for the next fifty years in its hopes and trust of Korean Buddhism, opening and growing into the world.

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