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We Must Get Through the Haze of Today with the Heart of Wisdom

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We Must Get Through the Haze of Today with the Heart of Wisdom
The New Year of Dragon has dawned and we will welcome this auspicious new year that will begin to brighten our lives. When we welcome the New Year with the great truth taught by the Buddha, we are also welcoming his wisdom and compassion and the opportunities to share his teachings with all sentient beings.
This year, our society must go through two major elections and news of changes from up north may affect the history of whole nation that can bring major turning points in our lives. Under these circumstances, we must have clear visions and make wise decisions centered on what is important, mainly creating prosperous, peaceful co-existence and happiness for all. We must create a way for South and North Korea to co-exist peacefully and create win-win situations all around.
Especially in choosing a new leader, we must always remember to distinguish the one who can be fair and worthy, someone who can practice equanimity and understand the power of great aspirations that bring improvement in the nation. We must look into our hearts of wisdom and recognize the true leader who is dependable and can readily respond to the needs of the people.
During the period of uncertainty we must put more efforts toward a brighter future, and we must be responsible for our time and take charge with right perception that will help in making correct decisions. There may be virtue in seeking harmony, but choosing definitive and correct path will bring beautiful future we have always envisioned. Thus, today we must look into our heart of wisdom and plow through the haze that often prevents clarity.
The New Year has dawned. It is said that a fish which can ascend through the tempestuous water can finally transform into a dragon. Similarly, I send out my sincere prayers that all activities of the sentient beings this year be merituous one, which can lead all to enlightenment.                                  

                                                                   2556 B.E. (2012) Korean New Year 
                                                                   President of Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism
                                                                   The Most Venerable Jaseung

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