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To Celebrate the Birth of Jesus

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President of Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, the Most Ven. Jaseung’s message for the coming Christmas on December 25.  
To Celebrate the Birth of Jesus

Let all of us love
Let us love the Buddha within
and our close neighbor the Jesus Christ

Merry Christmas
All the bright lights in this world
Congratulate the birth of Jesus.

Let us find the light within
And brighten this light furthermore
To help all sentient beings who suffer

Prayer for self and prayer for the family
Become more and more sincere
to brightens up the society and the world
Today we must;
On the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ
Let’s re-discover the light within us
And let this light illuminate the society
Along the way of Jesus we will find love for self
Love the life of oneself and others
Let’s devote ourselves to help those around us
Together we will work towards the path

B.E. 2555 (2011), December

The Most Ven. Jaseung
Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism

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