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Festivals in Full Swing at Yeongnam District Head Temples

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Festivals in Full Swing at Yeongnam District Head Temple:
“International Meditation Music Festival” in Bulguk-sa Temple

<Pic.  Buddhist Sangha members from Unmun-sa Temple recite Heart Sutra at the International Meditation Festival in Bulguk-sa Temple>
At the Head Temple for the 11th district of the Jogye Order (Abbot, Ven. Seongta), “Bulguksa International Meditation Festival” took place with the theme “To Stand Tall Within Your Mind” with over 800 public on lookers. The concert was prepared on a special stage set up in front of the Baekun-gyo bridge on October 5, 2011.
The concert began with the chanting of Heart Sutra by the Sangha members of Unmun-sa Temple and percussion performance by Ms. Choe So Ri, the grand prize winner of ‘2011 National Brand Awards’ also attracted attention.
The highlight of the Meditation Music Festival was the dual performance by Mr. Kipu Mizuhasi and Ms. Kwon-sun Kang, which included beautiful Traditional Japanese Woodwind instrument of Shakuhachi. Followed by this Korea Japan fusion performance, Gayageum (Traditional Korean harp) music performance and poetry reading with the theme of “Seon Meditation” continued, embroidering the Bulguk-sa Temple ground with the reminiscence of Silla Dynasty.  
 Eunhae-sa Temple Ceremonies

<Pic. Eunhae-sa Temple: Inauguration Ceremony of Josa-jeon>
Eunhae-sa Temple (Abbot, Ven. Don-gwan), the Head Temple for the 10th District of the Jogye Order, celebrated 1202 year anniversary of its establishment, along with inauguration ceremony of Josa-jeon (Shrine of Patriarchs), Bodhisattva precepts/ Buddhist refuge ceremony, and lighting ceremony of 10,000 prayer lanterns.
 Eunhae-sa Temple, established during the time of King Heon Deok in Silla Dynasty, performed establishment anniversary celebration followed by Josa-jeon inauguration ceremony. National teacher Ven. Hyecheol and Patriarch Ilsan’s portraits were stored inside the Josa-jeon at Eunhae-sa Temple.  
Enshrining ceremony also took place and Ven. Dongwan greeted the participants with the following statement: “When we look back to the last 1202 years of our work, we need to train more people to bring benefits in next millennium. Therefore, Eunhae-sa temple will try hard to bring peace and show the way of the truth to all those who come to find safe haven in their mind.
1366th year Anniversary Celebration at Tongdo-sa Temple

<Pic. From October 1-5, Temple establishment ceremony took place at Tongdo-sa Temple.
Photo shows the procession of carrying Thangkas, which took place on the 5th >
A comprehensive monastic training compound of Tongdo-sa Temple (Aboot, Ven. Wonsan), celebrated its 1366th year anniversary (of establishment) from October 1-5. The theme was “Illuminating Establishment, Sharing in the Fall” which included various cultural events, such as paying homage, verse of devotion, sharing events, etc.

[Buddhism News Issue 2758 / October 12]

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