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North-South Korea Reconciliation and Exchange: “Buddhism Will Lead the Way”

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<Pic. Joint Prayer between North and South Korea>
The joint prayer meeting in support of reunification between the North & South Korea was held in celebration for “Thousand Years Anniversary of Koreana Tripitaka”.
On September 3, the North Korea visiting group from the Jogye Order, including the Most Ven. Jaseung (President, Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism) and 37 members departed for North Korea. On September 5, around 11:00 a.m. “1000 Years Anniversary Celebration for Koreana Tropitaka and Joint Prayer Meetings for North-South Korea Reconciliation” were held in Bohyeon-sa Temple in Mt. Myohyang, The Ceremony began with the 5 strikes of bell and concluded with the Aspiration Prayer to improve communication between North and South Korea.
Although the Jogye Order’s visit was meant as a pure hearted exchange at a private level, this relation is attracting attention as it is seen as “a light at the end of the tunnel”, which could improve the communication between North and South Korea.
Koreana Tripitaka was created during the times of national crisis in Korea, and the whole nation, including the people of Korea and all of Buddhist Traditions cooperated in unison to overcome many difficulties. Therefore, they are a very precious Cultural Heritage of Korea.
Through remembering the ancestral spirit of how Koreana Tripitaka was produced, we must live to improve the relationship between North and South Korea.
< Commemorative Photo of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism Team>

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