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Stupa Lantern is This Year’s Giant Lantern at City Hall

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  Each year a huge lantern lights up the Seoul Plaza at City Hall around the time of Buddha’s Birthday. This year’s giant lantern is a replica of the Shakyamuni Stupa (National Treasure 21) at Bulguksa Temple. The three-tiered stupa lantern is 18 meters tall and is made with Korean traditional paper (hanji).
 The reason for selecting this stupa is to pressure the government to rethink its responsibility of preserving Korean cultural properties. There has been a crack found on this stupa for which the government has done nothing.
 The lighting ceremony is held on April 26 at 7 p.m. with Ven. Jaseung presiding. Over 2000 people are expected but the traditional speech from the government has not been requested this year. This giant lantern will be light up Seoul Plaza until May 10.

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