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Japanese Buddhist Representatives Visit Jogye Order

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 Ven. Rishioka Ryoko, the Chair of the Japan Korea Buddhist Exchange Solidarity with other Japanese representatives visited Ven. Jaseung at the Jogye Order on April 4. Ven. Rishioka Ryoko said, “The Japanese Buddhist community is engaged in relief work. We have opened up the temples as places of shelter and refuge for the earthquake victims who are suffering great distress.” He then explained all the efforts for relief aid by the Japanese Buddhist community. He then said, “The Korean Buddhist community’s support and kindness has been of great help.”
Ven. Jaseung said, “I could not help my astonishment while watching the news of the damage done by the Japanese earthquake. I felt with great intensity the terror of natural disasters.” He also said, “I hope that the Japanese and Korean Buddhist communities can help each other in difficult times and promote goodwill and friendly relations.”


 Ven. Jaseung also said, “We would like to perform the Korean Buddhist 49 day rites for the deceased in the effected area of Japan on April 28, which marks the 49th day since the great earthquake.”
Ven. Rishioka Ryoko responded, “We are very sorry that we can not give you the answer to your goodwill at the moment. We must consider the danger from the radiation and also the aftershock. We will let you know after we have the Japan Korea Buddhist Exchange Solidarity board of directors meeting on April 15.”

On the same day, the Korea Japan Exchange Association (President, Ven. Jaseung) and the Japan Korea Buddhist Exchange Solidarity had a banquet together at the Korea House in Seoul at 5 p.m.

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