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Consolatory Address for Victims of Tsunami in Japan

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A great tsunami has devastated Japan after the 8.8 earthquake of March 11. We pray for the diseased victims to be reborn in a good place. Likewise, we offer our heart-felt empathy and love for the welfare of the victims’ family members as well as all those injured in this catastrophe.


This natural disaster is getting worse and worse with no end in sight. Thousands have lost their lives and the loss is expected to be immeasurable.


We send our sincere prayers for a swift end to this disaster. The Jogye Order is looking into whatever means to assist our Japanese neighbors.


We again send our prayers with all our hearts to the victims, our Japanese neighbors. May this tragedy quickly be averted. May a peaceful recovery be promptly achieved. 


March 11, 2011 (BE 2555)

Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism


Jogye Order Sends Disaster Relief Team to Japan


After the release of the Jogye Order’s Consolatory Address for the Victims of Tsunami in Japan, a Committee for Japanese Tsunami Disaster Relief was organized, lead by Ven. Hyekyung, the Director of Department of Social Affairs. There was also a “disaster relief team” dispatched to Sendai, Japan. This team is made up of Ven. Myojang (team leader), Lee Yong-kwon Director of Seoho Senior Citizen Welfare Center, Lee Un-hee from the Jogye Order Social Welfare Foundation, Yu Jeong-seok, and Kwon Seon-haeng from the Jogye Order Department of Social Affairs.


This team arrived at Narita International Airport on March 15. They toured the affected areas including Ibaraki Prefecture, Miyagi, and Tokyo. The team investigated what kind of material goods and medical support are needed. The team assessed the most effective and prompt methods to assist in the relief work.


Ven. Hyekyung the head of the Committee for Japanese Tsunami Disaster Relief said to the relief aid team, “As we witness this disaster in Japan, we realize how helpless we are in the face of the great might of nature, despite having made great scientific developments. Please don’t forget the most important thing is safety. Please accurately assess what our Japanese neighbors need and what we can do to help, and come back safely.”


The Jogye Order Administration and all Jogye Order temples are collecting donations for relief aid. The Jogye Order donated 100 million won (approx. $90,000 USD) to Japan for relief aid.

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