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Ven. Jaseung Becomes New Chairperson of Korean Religious Leaders Association

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 Ven. Jaseung became the new chairperson of the Korean Religious Leaders Association by unanimous decision announced at the board of directors meeting on March 9.
In the midst of the current situation of religious conflict (which occurred after the inauguration on the current government administration), Ven. Jaseung said that he will take charge in the movement for religious harmony. He also said, “I will make efforts to help resolve religious conflict. I will consider this position as a call to service. I will do the best I can.”
In this directors meeting, Gil Ja-yeon the President of the Korean Christian Solidarity became a member of the board of directors. In addition, a pilgrimage to experience each other’s religions was also discussed. In attendance were six directors: Ven. Jaseung representing Buddhism, Gil Ja-yeon for Christianity, Kim Hee-jung for Catholicism, Kim Ju-won for Won Buddhism, Choi Geun-deok for Confucianism, and Im Un-gil for the Religion of the Heavenly Way. In addition to these six religions, the Korean Native Religion is the religion represented in the Korean Religious Leaders Association.
For the mutual benefit and harmony of the diverse religions, the association holds symposiums, religious festivals, and pilgrimages to foreign holy lands for religious leaders.

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