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114 Haengjas (Postulants) Become Monks and Nuns

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 At the 40th Novice Ordination Ceremony, 114 postulants finished the haengja training course to become novice monks and nuns. This ceremony, held on March 7 at Jikjisa Temple (eighth head district temple), is the culmination of a 14-day training of basic Buddhist doctrine and vows of a Sramanera (novice monk) and Sramanerika (novice nun). Then, on March 6, there was a monastic examination, which everyone passed. There were 76 males and 37 females who completed the training course. There are only ten novice vows compared to over 250 Bhikkhu and over 300 Bhikkhunni vows. In the Jogye Order, novice monks and nuns must complete a four-year training course at one the following to become a Bhikkhu or Bhikkhunni: Sutra School (Gangwon), Meditation School (Gibon Seonwon), Dongguk University, or Joongang Sangha University.

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