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“Friends on the Path” forms “Distribution Committee” and “Fundraising Committee” To become a foundation worthy of the trust of the Korean people

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In order to earn the trust of not only Buddhists but entire Korean population, Jogye Order Foundation and non-profit organization “Friends on the Path” has formed two new committees for distribution and fundraising. Friends on the Path Chairperson, Ven. Jaseung (Jogye Order President) made this announcement at a press conference on February 28 at the Jogye Order administration building.


The distribution committee will make sure the funds will be shared in a fair and objective way without giving preferences to particular groups or regions. From now on, any amount over five million won ($4500) distributed to individuals and any amount over 15 million won ($13,000) distributed to groups must have the authorization from the distribution committee.


The fundraising committee will be in charge of public relations and publicity. The committee will actively engage in fundraising with individuals and groups. This committee will be formed in April with people from the religious, academic, and journalistic fields.


Friends on the Path is currently trying to reach 2.5 billion won (2.2 million USD) in raised funds. The organization is also trying to increase the members who contribute on a regular basis. They are also engaged in “Happiness through Emptiness,” which helps low-income families and other programs to benefit the disadvantaged.


During the press conference, Ven. Hyekyong (Director of the Jogye Order Department of Social Affairs) said, “We’ve worked hard, but we did not meet our goal. We will make efforts so that many people can contribute to and participate with Friends on the Path.”

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