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Ven. Jaseung Visits Memorial Alter of Yeonpyeong Island’s Decease Soldiers

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Ven. Jaseung Visits Memorial Alter of Yeonpyeong Island’s Decease Soldiers


Ven. Jaseung and monks from the Jogye Order administration visited the funeral site of the soldiers who died in the artillery shelling of Yeonpyeong Island by North Korea. Over 40 monks and nuns visited on November 26 offer condolences and pray for the deceased to be reborn in a good place. A funeral site was prepared at a military hospital in Seongnam for staff sergeant Seo Jeong-u and private first class Mun Kwang-uk.


Ven. Jaseung offered the traditional white chrysanthemum and incense at the memorial alter in front of the pictures of the deceased. Neither of the deceased was Buddhists, so Ven. Jaseung offered silent prayer rather than holding formal ceremony.


Ven. Jaseung shook the hands of the relatives of the deceased to offer condolences. Director of Jogye Order’s Special District of the Armed Forces Ven. Jakwang said, “The deceased showed great courage in protecting the nation, even unto death. We should not forget their sacrifice and show our support for our nation.”


 Jogyesa Temple also set up a memorial alter to receive visitors offering condolences. Jogyesa Temple abbot Ven. Tojin said, “We set up this alter because the other alter is at a distant military hospital for only a short time. We want to accommodate the mourning public. We will keep this alter open to the public even after the funeral services.”



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