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New Website for Potential Monastics

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New Website for Potential Monastics
The Jogye Order has created a new website for people interested in becoming a monk or nun. There is a link called “Chulga,” meaning renunciation, which is a synonym for becoming a monastic, on the Jogye Order Korean homepage: http://www.buddhism.or.kr/. The actual site’s URL is http://monk.buddhism.or.kr/. This site is only in Korean. The main sections for this site are: Path of renunciation, Renunciation video, Renunciation Q and A, and Notice board.
The Path of Renunciation section has essays by Ven. Beopjeong and Ven. Dobeop, as well as illustrations to demonstrate the virtues of the path of monasticism. There are four videos of which two are produced by the Jogye Order to clarify any misunderstandings about monasticism as well as highlight the value and virtue of taking monastic ordination. The other two videos are documentaries produced by MBC on monasticism. The Q and A section has the ten most often asked questions about taking monastic ordination as well as a board to post and receive Q and As. There is also a page with the links to the 25 district head temples of the Jogye Order. The site was created by the Jogye Order Bureau of Education to correct misunderstandings (such as monasticism is asceticism or completely being cut off from the world) and to shed a brighter light on taking monastic vows.

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