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Remembrance Ceremony for Jogye Order Founder, Master Doui

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A Remembrance Ceremony was held in honor of the founder of the Jogye Order, Ven. Doui at Jogyesa Temple’s main dharma hall on June 13. The MC was Ven. Jongmin, the deputy director of the Department of Administrative Affairs. The ceremony began with Refuge Prayer and the chanting of the Heart Sutra. Then the chairperson of the Central Council Ven. Boseon presented the biography of Ven. Doui. Ven. Doui also held the title of National Teacher conferred by the state.



Thereafter Ven. Jaseung gave a speech, “We consider the great master Doui as the first teacher in our lineage since the Goryeo Period. It is only appropriate to have Ven. Doui as the official founder of the Jogye Order. We pray to you Master Doui, please watch over us so that the Sangha will come together to give hope to the people of the world, North and South will unite, and man and nature will work together to make a Pure Land.



Jogye Order’s Supreme Patriarch’s message was read by Ven. Milun, “Master Doui created the Nine Mountain Seon Tradition with a single Seon stick, which was without beginning and end. He brought peace to the world by propagating the tradition of ‘no other dharma than mind.’ We cannot measure the boundless merit of the light of dharma, which he had shown.”



There were offerings of flowers and Four Great Vows to end the ceremony. Many high monks from the Jogye Order Central Council, Council of Elders, and the heads of the departments and bureaus along with over 300 people attended the ceremony.

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