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Practice Program from Buddha’s Renunciation Day to Parinirvana Day

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Practice Program from Buddhas Renunciation Day to Parinirvana Day



Jogye Orders Central Council of Laity has set up a week-long program for the laity from Renunciation Day (March 23) to Parinirvana Day (March 30) to instill a practicing spirit in the lives of the laity and encourage practice and faith. They will do 108 bows everyday and meet together to pray, chant, recite mantra, recite the sutras, and meditate. The laity is also encouraged to refrain from smoking, drinking, eating after noon, and eating meat during this period. There is also the practice of offering one of the Seven Nonmaterial Offerings (smiling countenance, pleasant speech, proper conduct, warm heart, etc.) each day. There is also the application of the practice of generosity. The laity is encouraged to offer donations until Parinirvana Day, on which day the funds will be donated to Jogye Order Medical Aid Foundation Lotus Friends.



Song An-shik, Vice President of the laity association said, Weve set a program to practice together with self-reflection and aspiration in order to instill the practicing spirit into daily life and increase faith among all Buddhists.



The University Student Buddhist Association will also participate in this years week-long commemoration. On Renunciation Day, they held an opening ceremony in the dharma hall of the Dharma Propagation Center , which is located a few buildings from Jogyesa Temple with the aspiration to increase dharma propagation among university students. They also offered 108 bows together. The organization will also participate in a templestay program at Seokjusa Temple in Chungju City .



The President of the University Student Buddhist Association, Bak Gyeong-ho said, This weeks program is an opportunity for university student Buddhists to renew our vows and self-reflect by bowing and praying together.





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