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Ven. Jaseung Offers Encouragement to Nepalese Migrant Worker

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Ven. Jaseung Offers Encouragement to Nepalese Migrant Worker 

Ven. Jaseung visited a Nepalese migrant worker with heart disease to offer words of encouragement. Mr. Bahadur (age 40) lives in Incheon with his Korean wife and two children. He came to 18 years ago after participating in the democratic movement in . He has been diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, which leaves his entire body swollen and he has had rapid loss of eyesight. However, due to poor income, he has been unable to seek proper treatment.  

After meeting with Mr. Bahadur, Ven. Jaseung said, “I’ve heard that there are many difficulties even with the children’s school tuition and living expenses. Although things may be difficult, I will help so that you live with courage.”  

With this, Ven. Jaseung offered some financial assistance to Mr. Bahadur. The migrant worker said, “Thank you for coming such a long way. I will make efforts to get better.”  

After hearing that Mr. Bahadur had not a Korean citizen, Ven. Jaseung said that he would find out about the proper organizations so that Mr. Bahadur will not have problems living in .  

Each month, Ven. Jaseung has sought out people that are alienated from society to offer them encouragement. In the future, he will continue to meet citizens in their element to share dharma or for social welfare. 


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