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Collected Works of Korean Buddhism is Published

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Collected Works of Korean Buddhism is Published


Seven books are published with rest to be published by end of 2009. English version to be published in 2010.


The first seven books from the Collected Works of Korean Buddhism has been published in Korean. This series of 13 books captures the essence of Korean Buddhism. This three-year project, which began in April 2007, is to produce a definitive record of Korean Buddhism in Korean and English.  It is to serve as an authoritative resource for Koreans and English speakers. The series will contain about 90 seminal works of the Korean Buddhist tradition. The importance of this project is that these publications will be the standard literature to introduce Korean Buddhism to domestic and international readers. In addition, they have not followed conventional translation methods. Traditionally, one person translates independently. In this case, they have used multiple translators with a multilateral translation technique.  By the sharing of diverse viewpoints, they have tried to minimize errors, and overcome the limitations of a single translator. On the translation team are eminent professors such as Robert Buswell, Charles Muller, and Ven. Misan. Here is the list of the books in the series: Wonhyo: Selected Works, Jinul: Selected Works, Hyujeong: Selected Works, Hwaeom Works I, Hwaeom Works II, Doctrinal Treatises: Selected Works, Gongan Collections, another Gongan Collections, Seon Poetry, Buddhist Cultures, Mahayana Precepts I, Mahayana Precepts II, and Selected Inscriptions of Eminent Korean Monks.  


When the books are published, 2000 books in Korean and 2000 books in English will be distributed free of charge to institutions in Korea and abroad. Likewise, the entire text will be available on the Jogye Order website to read and download.

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