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Restoration of Naksansa Temple is Complete

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Restoration of NaksansaTemple is Complete


In April 2005, NaksansaTemple with all the surrounding temple buildings were burned to the ground. Almost nothing remained as the fire could not be contained. Many national treasures and precious artifacts were lost forever. The abbot of Naksansa Temple Ven. Jeongnyeom took the responsibility upon himself and now with the donations of Korean Buddhist and government assistance, the temple has been fully restored. The new temple compound resembles the original temple of a thousand years ago. This is the completion of phase two with 12 buildings and facilities being restored. Phase one was completed in November 2007 with also 12 buildings restored. The completion ceremony is on October 12 with Ven. Jikwan, head of the Jogye Order in attendance.


Ven. Jeongnyeom said, I bow my head and humbly thank all the monks and nuns of the Jogye Order, Buddhists faithful, and Korean citizens for helping in the difficult four-year restoration process. We will do our best to continue in the restoration to return NaksansaTemple to the hearts of the Korean people. It is important to not only restore the buildings, but the 1000-year cultural heritage and the spirit of the ancestors.

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