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73 Year-old Buddhist Woman Offers Entire Wealth to Dongguk University

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73 Year-old Buddhist Woman Offers Entire Wealth to DonggukUniversity


Choi Yeoni, a 73 year-old Buddhist woman will donate her entire fortune, which is an apartment valued at 215,000,000 won (US $170,000) to Dongguk University, which belongs to the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. She also will donate her body after death to the medical department of the university.


In her 30s, Mrs. Choi made her living working at a textile factory in Busan. After that, she worked in the kitchen of HainsaTemple. Her only living relatives are a younger brother who is a monk and a nephew. She hopes the money will be used as scholarships for underprivileged students. DonggukUniversity will follow her wishes. Mrs. Choi is granted free medical examinations among other privileges offered by the university. 

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