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Recruiting Notice for Trainees for the 11th Course for International Dharma Instructors

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During this time of internationalization, we are recruiting trainees to take this course and become International Dharma Instructors who will devote themselves to international missionary work. Sponsored by the Bureau of Missionary Activities of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism and supervised by the International Dharma Instructors’ Association, we hope many Buddhists who have pledged themselves to work for the internationalization of Korean Buddhism will join this course. Please find the details below.

■ Eligibility and Application
1. Field and number: English, Japanese, Chinese Each 00
(*If there are too few applicants, that class could be canceled.)

2. Qualifications
1) Monks or nuns ordained under the Jogye Order, and lay Buddhists (those who have the membership card issued by the Jogye Order);
2) Men and women with high school graduation or equivalent qualification as well as a certain degree of fluency in the language they apply for study in.
* International men and women who wish to study Korean Buddhism. (These applications will be evaluated separately.)
*For those who have graduated from a Buddhist college approved by the Order, additional points will be awarded. (Graduation certificate is necessary)

3. Application:
1) The application package must include: the filled application form, one resume, three passport-size photographs, a certified copy of residential registration, the diploma of the most recent degree earned, a copy of monk’s, nun’s or Buddhist’s membership card issued by the Jogye Order, a letter of recommendation from the head of the main temple (only for monks and nuns), a letter of recommendation from the head of a temple (only for lay Buddhists), 30,000 won for the application fee.
*If necessary, documents proving overseas residence.

4. How to apply: By mail or visit the office of the IDIA in person.
5. Application period: Wednesday, Feb. 8th to Friday, March 10th Buddhist Era 2550 (2006) (Saturday and Sunday closed)
6. Date for test and interview: Saturday, March 11th Buddhist Era 2550 (2006) at 2 pm.
7. Place for test and interview: To Be Announced (Inquire at the IDIA office – see below)
8. Results to be posted on the Jogye Order Homepage on March 17th Buddhist Era 2550 (2006)

■ Course Information
1. Course period: March 23rd to September 30th Buddhist Era 2550 (2006)
(Every Thursday 7~9 pm and every Saturday 2~4 pm)
2. Course contents include: Basic Buddhist teachings; Buddhist culture; features of Korean Buddhism and its traditions; current situation of Korean Buddhism overseas; teaching methodology; practical instruction in running retreats; Buddhist terminology, understanding Buddhist texts.
3. Tuition Fee: 400,000 won (6-month course)
4. Benefits for successful trainees:

1) Automatic qualification for the test to be an International Dharma Instructor, and bonus points on the test.
2) High grades and strong incentive for this work will lead to possible overseas work.

■ All Enquiries and applications: International Dharma Instructors’ Association, 2nd floor Sindo Hwae-gwan, number 13, Gyeonji-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Tel: 82-2-722-2206 Mail:ipogyo@buddhism.or.kr

February 8th Buddhist Era 2550 (2006)

Do Young
Executive Director of Missionary Activities of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism

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