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A Eulogy for Kim Dae-jung

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A Eulogy for Kim Dae-jung


By Ven. Jikwan, Head of Jogye Order


The Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism offers its deep condolences for the death of former President Kim Dae-jung, a pioneer of Korean democracy. He is a symbol of freedom, human rights, and democracy on the Korean peninsula. The hardships of his life parallel the hardships of the Korean people. He overcame imprisonment, exile, and a death sentence by the power of his resolute faith in democracy and concern for the people. Together with the citizens, he overcame the great economic crisis and established the IT industry in Korea. He improved human rights and social welfare. He also established mutual respect between North and South with the Sunshine Policy. There is an emptiness and sorrow that such a being is no longer with us. However, if there is birth, there is death. If there is coming together, there is parting. May the spirit of the former President Kim Dae-jung find peace. Through this, may all Koreans unite to become one in spirit.  

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