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Friends on the Path

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Friends on the Path



Friends on the Path is a Jogye Order public welfare foundation. To aid low-income and unemployed neighbors, this foundation has begun a program called, Compassionate Sharing. This program has raised funds through Raising the lantern of hope (donating a part of the lotus lanterns sold during Buddhas birthday celebration), 108 bows fundraising, Sharing one meal, and selling lotus flower badges.





Buddhist Art Exhibition by the Invitation of Ven. Dongseong is another part of the Compassionate Sharing program. Ven. Dongseong was able to raise 30 million won through the exhibition. On June 2, this amount was given in an official ceremony to Friends on the Path at the Jogye Order Administration building.





Tongdosa Temple abbot Ven. Jeongwoo donated 53 million won raised from Compassionate Sharing programs. Likewise, Jogyesa Temple abbot Ven. Semin donated 30 million won from money raised at his temple. In addition, Hongguksa Temple abbot donated 60 milliion won, Doseonsa Temple abbot donated 30 million won, and Kwanumsa Temple abbot Ven. Jongha donated 10 million won. In total about 600 million won has been collected by Friends on the Path to help the unemployed and low-income families.

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